Spend the day at Wildwood Park

Source: Wikimedia Commons

With facilities such as a state of the art fitness center and outdoor pool, our community at Pennsylvania Place is fortunate to have great exercise opportunities. Yet, there will be times when you just need to get away. When you want to get away and exercise in the great outdoors, head to Wildwood Park. This local park in Harrisburg caters to all … [Read more...]

Enjoy the French taste of Au Bon Lieu

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Living in Harrisburg, we have nearly every type of cuisine we could want, but Au Bon Lieu, our local French creperie, rates as one of the best restaurants in Harrisburg, PA. Au Bon Lieu, located at 1 North 3rd Street, offers over 50 different types of savory and sweet crepes, as well as salads and soft drinks. Customers usually order a couple … [Read more...]

Enjoy nine days of nature at The Great American Outdoor Show

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The Great American Outdoor Show is an event that showcases the uniquely American traditions of hunting, fishing, and other outdoor pastimes that our nation treasures. Take a trip over to the PA Farm Show Complex at 2300 N. Cameron Street, and enjoy the culture that surrounds our love of all things outdoors. For nine days, between February 7th and … [Read more...]

Revisit history ‘In the Hands of the Enemy’ exhibit


If you happen to be a Civil War Buff or just a fan of history, then you're fortunate to live in Pennsylvania. The state is home to many national and state historical parks, as well some of the world's best museums. One of the most popular museums in Pennsylvanian is the National Civil War Museum located in Harrisburg. Since June 26, 2014, this … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for the Cat in Your Life


Having a cat as a companion offers numerous rewards for the typical pet owner. A feline friend could decrease your chances of developing an allergy, will make you feel less stressed and could even reduce blood pressure when in your presence! Should you be planning on renting our downtown Harrisburg apartments with a kitty this winter, make him/her feel like … [Read more...]